Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels are a very popular means of resurfacing the skin to create a fresh, smooth, healthy looking appearance. Chemical peels improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, fine superficial scars and acne blemishes. This procedure is popular with patients showing early signs of aging and sun exposure.  A chemical peel is a procedure that uses a chemical solution to peel away the superficial skin layers. The procedure is non-invasive. The result is softer, smoother, and more youthful looking skin.

Glycolic Acid Peels
Different types of peeling solutions are available for chemical peels. The most common chemical used now is glycolic acid, a fruit acid derivative from the alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). These peels result in an improved clarity and tightness of the skin. There is no resultant oozing, as there is with other peels like TCA. There is no down time from activity or work. Glycolic peels can be done as a “lunch-time peel”; only taking 15 minutes or less to perform. Make-up can be applied immediately after.

How do I prepare for this procedure?                                                                                                                             We will evaluate your skin type, skin condition and the severity of any discolorations, wrinkling, scarring or age spots to pick the type of chemical peel that is appropriate for you. After making this determination, she will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for your chemical peel. A common pretreatment routine may include taking a Retin A or Retinol, which is a medication derived from Vitamin A. This thins your skin's surface layer, which allows chemical peel solutions to penetrate more evenly.

How long before I can return to normal activity?                                                                                                          After a light peel you will experience temporary dryness, redness and flaking. However, this will not prevent you from getting back to your normal routines almost immediately. We will set up the proper before and after care at the time of your visit.

What is the cost ?  We offer very competitive prices for high quality services. Call for pricing .